Mountain House

I'm up in the clouds

And I know now

That I'm in the right place at the right time

Yeah it's showing me how


This life gets better

If we do allow

Yes I'm gonna build me a house

In the mountains


Untouched by humans

I see its white beauty

So keep your tunnels; I'll have treetops

This is the place for me


Waterfalls tumble

From snowy cradles

Yes I'm gonna hang up my hammock

In the heavens


Find myself a valley view

Better than your television

I don't need shoes to climb these cliffs

No they don't make a difference


The earth feels stronger underneath me

When I treed the trails in bare feet

Yes I'm gonna find me a place to sleep

In the mountains


So you there in prison

Are you listening to me?

The cliffs and cascades are better than the fast lane

No I'm not kidding you


We have gotta get out there

Out where the weather finds you free

Yes I'm gonna take you for a walk

In the mountains


And then we'll have tea out on my porch

In the mountains

Yes I'm gonna build myself four walls

In the mountains