New Moon

And as the sun slips behind the clouds

I'm wondering if you can hear us now

We're all singing for you - hope we're right on tune

The tide is going out and like it you are leaving too


I can see down to the point where I was today

Riding triple over head to wash away the pain

But now I'm tearing up and struggling to get it out

It's hard to sit here on the sand and know you're not around


But then I think about the way that life always goes

And how you're swimming with us now in the cosmic flow

Now all there is has got to come from somewhere in the start

And that knowledge is a gift for all our heavy hearts


So like the sky changing colour you are changing form

While all the people that did love you here have come to mourn

Take your time, but remember in your mind

That with every sunset you see a new moon rise up


Now the sky is growing dark and stars are coming out

While a greater sense of peace inside I have found

And while it's tough for all of us to simply just let go

I realise we'll see you on the other side


And like a river you are roaming into newer lands

That mirror lines on the palms of both your human hands

I see your light, and it's shining ever brighter

Now you see the sunset and a new moon rise up

For Mark White