Rivermouth (2015) Physical EP

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A 7 track CD of songs centred around nature, direction and the journey, "Rivermouth" is Blue Child Collective's second offering to date.

Recorded with Dave Mann at the Bush Shack, 2km from the Rivermouth, Margaret River, WA, before spending the following 4 months touring, this is a record representing a moment in time, symbolic of our innate ability to shape our lives in the light we wish to live them.

A unique fusion of Folk, Blues, Jazz and Groove, "Rivermouth" blends many different musical elements from each of the contributing members' diverse backgrounds and styles to create a record which covers an enchantingly large sonic spectrum and opens many doors for future projects!

1x CD in ethically sourced cardboard case, includes 20pg booklet.

Track Listing:

1. Blood & Gum Leaves
2. Sun, Salt, Sand & A Man
3. Winter Rain
4. A Reason, A Season Or A Lifetime
5. Rivermouth
6. New Moon
7. Water Bones

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