Saturn Saw The Seaside (2016) Physical Album CD/DVD

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Blue Child Collective's 2016, "Saturn Saw The Seaside".

1x CD in ethically sourced cardboard case, includes 36pg booklet and "Making Of" DVD.

Captured by Jean-Bernard Rongiconi at Studio L’Angelina in the mountains of Corsica (FR), “Saturn Saw The Seaside” is an odyssey of sound, story and sentiment. Following a man on his whirlwind voyage through the cosmos, SSTS delves largely into the themes of connection and consciousness, along with discussing many elements of the universal journey and humanity’s path within this.

Sonically diverse, the record explores and deconstructs the genres of folk and funk, with flavours of who-knows-what sewn throughout as a result of international collaboration and cross-pollination; in essence, a product of collective inspiration and manifestation.

Following the release of “Blue Child Collective” and “Rivermouth” in 2015, Blue Child Collective continues to grow and evolve with their latest release, and look to develop their creative platform to benefit artists of all natures - along with the world as a whole - through continual collaboration, experimentation and exploration.

Track Listing:

1. Sailor's Song
2. Drifter
3. Poseidon's Shell Melody
4. Slow
5. Seaweed Sunset
6. Taylor's Mistake
7. Tea On The Jetty
8. The Ultimate Image
9. Kalbarri
10. Salt Spray
11. Gardener
12. Bungalow Baby
13. Saturn Saw The Seaside

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